Flash Animation Activity: Work by students

The Drama and Dance Studio - 22nd June 2012

I did dance and drama and party in drama.Adhiraj

I did drama and dance and throwing cloth around.Shyla

Today we did a run-through of all our dances and plays. We decided to think of our play’s name. We did a lot of run-throughs and practised and practised our play. We saw a thrilling movie about our enthusiasm. Tomorrow we have to perform. We decided our props and checked how loud we were doing drama and this is the last day of our camp. It was a lot of fun doing our play with Pradeep Sir and Cathy.Shreya

Today is the last day to practise a lot and we decided our play’s name. Parents will come tomorrow and we will show our dance and drama. I am confident for tomorrow. Our parents will see everything. I am a little shy but not so much. Thank you for making our day special Pradeep Sir and Cathy.Vanshika

Today is our last day of the camp L. Tomorrow is our performance. We began our day with a movie which Cathy showed us, about the camp. Then we practised our play on the stage. Then we discussed our dresses and enjoyed J.Shreshtha

We did the dance and drama.Aditya

I did drama and the ending dance.Sora

I did drama, throwing clothes dance. I was scared about the new steps.Riddhi

Day 10: the last day! But not the final day, of course. Everything needed to come together today – the dance, the drama, the music, the movements. Indeed, it had to flow from one scene into the next without our prompting. By the end of the hour and a half, it was evident that now the children knew their play inside out!

M.R. Pradeep, Dance Facilitator,

and Cathy Anubha Banerji, Drama Facilitator

The Drama and Dance Studio - 21st June 2012

I did new steps in dance and drama and throwing clothes.Riddhi

In drama I liked throwing the clothes. Today in dance I learnt my steps. I will go home and practise them today.Shyla

Today we had a run-through of our performance. It will gradually now become perfect. Today we did an energetic play and had a lot of fun. I loved dancing with all my friends and we danced to the song “Absolutely Everybody”. Today I enjoyed and had fun. We today became stars and succeeded.Shreya

Today we went outside to the stage to dance and practise our play. Then we kept on practising our dance till it was perfect. Then we heard the song of our routine “Absolutely Everybody”. Then we had a water break and rested. After that we decided what to do at the beginning of our song.Shreshtha

Now we have done our dance and drama; now it is time to practise. Today we practised a lot and we went out to practise. Today was practise day. I really like all the songs of drama and dance. I had lots of fun. Thank you, Pradeep Sir and Cathy for making our dance and drama a success.Vanshika

I did the dance the jazz square – we practised on the stage.Adhiraj

I did dance beginning part and ending dance and drama mess part.Sora

We did the act and dance.Aditya

Day 9 was different in that there was focus on practise. This is an essential part of both Dance and Drama, and the children were able to see the importance of practising their dance-drama to make it more and more perfect. To get an idea of the final performance space, several run-throughs were done in the atrium. The children began to realize the differences in the distances as well as the way in which they would have to walk, run, and so on.

M.R. Pradeep, Dance Facilitator,

and Cathy Anubha Banerji, Drama Facilitator

Self Protection: 21st June 2012

Who do you go for help to? Who are the people you trust? How do yell loud enough to scare your opponent? These were the discussion themes for today. Students shared what all they liked about the Self-protection classes and what are the things they learnt that they can use in real life. They also practiced various self-defence combinations. Younger batch did the trust activity today – made hand prints and mentioned who are the people they can trust. They all recorded their messages for showcase too! Everyone is looking forward to role plays for tomorrow – where they will practice what they have learntJ

Participants played games of their own choice like Badminton, Table tennis, Carom, Chess and Squash. They practiced Swimming strokes like front crawl and back stroke.

Today was a day to give finishing touches to the art work.

Firing results were good.

Would have to wait for exhibition day.

Today was a terrific day! We went on to learn about the next two fingers in the five finger model – YELL and RUN. It was fun to practice yellingJ and to understand the concept of boundary setting with the senior batch. Children also shared real life situations where they can use boundary setting skills. We also watched the video by Thousand Waves, Chicago executive director Jun Shihan Nancy (Sixth Degree black-belt from SEIDO Karate). Fight practice included revision of all hand and leg strikes. The younger lot thoroughly enjoyed the jumbled words team game that we played. Today Siddhant, Yuya, Armaan and Kazushi were the team leaders and Siddhant and Yuya‘s teams won the jumbled words game and the good technique competition respectively! They all enjoyed their prizes!